What our customer have to say

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“We are impressed by CENDID’s level of competence and professionalism when it comes to energy management. Apart from their know-how and international experience, a major criterion for choosing CENDID has been their high level of flexibility and the independence from product manufacturers and energy providers. I sincerely recommend CENDID as a value added partner to any energy management improvement efforts.”

Hans-Werner Fuchs - Global Manufacturing Excellence Manager @ BAT


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“Choosing CENDID was an easy choice for us. Right from the beginning, CENDID was able to propose a clear strategy on the plant asset management system and hence help increase our revenue. The targets set were easily achieved thanks to the level of enthusiasm for their work. Despite the language and cultural differences, the CENDID team adapted very quickly. Their professionalism and seamless implementation of their ideas reaffirmed our initial faith in CENDID.”

Project Leader @ Hyosung


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“CENDID did a great job for the energy management application. Their solution met all our expectations. CENDID’s creativity and passion for the project was infectious, making them really fun to work with. The high level of competence can only come from a team that has rich international experience in industrial consulting and engineering.”

Project Manager @ Siemens