Renewable Energies and Biomass

Renewable Energies and Biomasss.

CENDID brings you the future of energy use.

General Energy Situation

All over the world, governments are offering tax reductions an rebates fpr use renewable energy sources,


Industries are faced with the following challenges with the looming changes in legislation:

  • Obtaining knowhow in the efficient utilization of renewable energy resources (solar; wind; biomass; hydropower)
  • How to achieve partial energy independence
  • Getting access to technology with a high availability (low risk) for photovoltaicsolar; wind; biomass
  • Reduction of the CO2 emission
  • Meet legislation requirements


CENDID develops turnkey solutions for solar, wind and biomass energy sources.

  • CENDID provide comprehensive photovoltaic roof and floor installations, including the electrical planning (distribution and transformation) and turn key installations
  • CENDID has expertise in integrating biomass as co- or tri generation systems to generate energy
  • CENDID also designs Syngas application for co-or tri generation or production applications e.g. drying processes or other heating applications.
  • Making your project a reality is our mission – CENDID will actively help source for financing (e.g. supply contracting, performance contracting) and help introduce new technologies from manufacturers.

From design to construction CENDID is there for you

CENDID´s planning process includes the following main steps.

  • Initial planning
  • Design planning
  • Approval planning
  • Execution planning/ Functional planning
  • Preparation of functional award
  • Participation of the award
  • Object/ Construction supervision
  • Documentation

Civil engineers and environmental agencies are then consulted on the legislation and structural constraints. After considering the unique set of conditions at the site, CENDID outlines a list of high quality components from worldclass vendors.

In summary, industry can stand to gain from substantial tax benefits, the benefits of renewable resources (e.g. solar, wind, biomass and hydropower), make use of optimized technology that deliver higher efficiency, and invest  in long-term projects with a `guaranteed` payback.