Paper & Pulp

General Energy Situation

The paper industry employs a highly energy intensive production process. With a diverse range of products, with many different production processes, energy use patterns vary across sectors and product lines. Paper mills generally consumes the most energy, followed by paperboard mills, pulp mills and newsprint mills.


  • Tight profit margins
  • Increasing energy prices and energy price volatility
  • Operating costs are usually very rigid in this industry – little room for runaway energy cost
  • Need for energy use to be carefully tracked
  • Competitiveness is directly proportional to how energy costs is managed

Cendid offers unique solutions for the Paper & Pulp industry

Energy efficiency strategies typically focus on the improvement of efficiency of raw materials preparation, pulping, paper pressing, improvement of techniques for paper drying and the upgrading of technology. Substantial savings in energy cost in paper and pulp mills can be achieved by ensuring effective shut down procedures to reduce unnecessary energy overheads when production is stopped.

CENDID’s achievements in the field include implementing a successful waste heat recovery system for a plant located in Asia. Significant energy savings meant that the initial investment was recovered in just 1.5 years.

CENDID provides integral energy management and efficiency solutions tailored to the specific needs of the pulp and paper industry through its many technical and managerial solutions.