10.10.2013 | National Energy Efficiency Convention (NEEC) Singapore

This year's NEEC was held at Singapore Expo and saw great interest from practitioners from various industries, eager to understand how to sustain the energy efficiency drive within Singapore and the region. CENDID was represented with its own booth during the two days event showcasing our various services and solutions. There was a lot of interest in our energy management system as well as our embedded power generation solutions (co/trigen). To find out more on how our team can help you in Singapore and the ASEAN region, get in contact with our local office or simply write to singapore@cendid.com

11.07.2013 | Upcoming Masterclass at Bangkok Energy Forum in September

Christian Rahnsch, Managing Director of Cendid Singapore will be delivering a masterclass on Financing Energy Efficiency Project during this year’s Clean Energy Export - Asia Pacific's Leading Conference and Exhibition dedicated to the Clean Energy Market. The conference will be held in Bangkok from 25th to 27th September. Please contact singapore@cendid.com in case you would like to join this one day masterclass. 

28.06.2013 | Australia energy efficiency roadshow LITMUS-Cendid partnership

Cendid joined forced with leading Australian Management Consulting firm Litmus Group to offer a customised energy efficiency solution offering for the Australian market. The first customer roadshow was a success and there was significant interest from customers across various industries in the solutions offered. Please contact singapore@cendid.com to get a free copy of the whitepaper on energy efficiency solutions. 

20.06.2013 | How can I operate my factories in a best way?

During an industrial project for an international F&B customer CENDID developed a long term strategy for the TOP Management. Parts of the strategy is a solution the combines commercial and technical aspects and centralizes information for an optimal investment decision. ´Best Point´ operation for the manufacturing process, utilization of green energy and independency of energy supplier were key aspects of the strategy.

05.06.2013 | Tobacco energy efficiency summit at Singapore

CENDID leads an international energy efficiency summit with experts from the tobacco industry. The experts coming from all over the world to attend the summit and get trained by CENDID and other tobacco process experts. Management of the manufacturing processes in terms of operational costs like energy, maintenance were central topics of the summit. For more information on please contact singapore@cendid.com

29.05.2013 | Development of Polygen Solution for Semicon

As part of our industry solution for semicon we are currently developing a polygeneration system, where a tri-generation module is connected to a UPW module offering a highly efficient energy supply side solution. For more information on this innovative solution please contact info@cendid.com


09.04.2013 | Activities in the field of process simulating

Simulating processes and their energy consumption are features that are implemented during a pilot project. A special method allows the industry to simulate capital intensive plant asset replacements and optimize the investment decision of a company. For more information on this innovative solution please contact info@cendid.com

11.02.2013 | Launch of an advanced Energy Management System

CENDID advanced its energy management system based on the experiences of last year’s industrial projects an energy planning features that allows the industry to plan the energy budget more precisely and supports customer during the negotiation with energy supplier or if customers buy energy at the energy stock market. For more information on this innovative solution please contact info@cendid.com

04.01.2013 | Power, Heat, Process steam and Cooling Energy

During the winter period CENDID designed a standard system solutions that produces power; heat; steam and cooling energy and could supply an industrial factory´s base load demand. The solution are module based and industry gets the opportunity choose the right size and components based on the available energy resources and the demand. During the development period CENDID works with special OEMs that supply CENDID with the core components. For more information on this innovative solution please contact info@cendid.com

07.12.2012 | Launch of Energy Solution for Breweries

As part of our industry solution for the food and beverage industry, Cendid developed a packaged energy supply solution for breweries. The solution combines a biogas plant that makes use of the spent grain and yeast and connects it to a highly efficient trigeneration solution. For more information on this innovative solution please contact info@cendid.com