General Energy Situation

Energy-related costs account for roughly 20% of the total operational cost in any Mining operation. Substantial energy is required for blasting, dewatering, drilling, digging, ventilation, materials handling, crushing, grinding and separations. In all cases, the energy consumed for grinding, far outweighs the energy consumption of the other operations, accounting for up to 40% of energy consumption. Major energy sources include diesel fuel and electricity. Depending on availability, mine type and processes, coal and natural gas are also used.


  • Limited access to energy sources in remote locations
  • Drive to achieve security from volatile energy prices
  • Manage operation costs
  • Detailed energy planning needed.
  • To reduce environmental impact and conform to regulation

Cendid offers unique solutions for the Mining industry

Each mining site is unique, with different energy needs and profile. Based on a vast number of energy concept studies conducted across the world, CENDID is able to offer energy reduction strategies that save up to 16% a year in energy costs. The latest CENDID success story took place in a mining extraction and handling site in South America, where the installation of variable speed drive equipment, netted significant energy savings. As a result, the payback on investment period was less than 2 years.

CENDID provides integral energy management and efficiency solutions tailored to the specific needs of the Mining industry through its many technical and managerial solutions.