Food & Beverage

General Energy Situation

Food and beverage processing plants use large amounts of energy for refrigeration, cooking, heating, sterilising, conveyors, and auxiliary equipment. Significant energy savings can be achieved by optimising the use of existing equipment, investing in process innovation and equipment upgrade, and investment in low carbon energy supply options.


  • Increasingly stiff competition and rising production costs.
  • Pressure to boost profitability and ensure sustainability.
  • Rising food prices, increasing transportation costs due to a rise in oil prices, and decline in consumer spending. 
  • Build brand preference amongst consumers through a greener profile

Reducing energy costs through investment in energy efficiency can make a significant difference to the bottom line.

Cendid offers unique solutions for Food & Beverage industry

CENDID has extensive experience in different sub-sectors of the food and beverage industry and understands that each sub-sector has its particular energy needs. After careful assessment of the plant’s energy use, a thorough action plan is then presented - complete with long term energy management and reduction measures. CENDID’s achievements in the field include, helping a brewery in Central Europe install a waste heat recovery system from the fermentation process. The increased in efficiency paid for the equipment investment in just 1.8 years.

CENDID provides integral energy management and efficiency solutions tailored to the specific needs of the food and beverage industry through its many technical and managerial solutions.