Detect & Develop - CENDID shows how your energy dollar is spent

Less input for the same output – that is what energy efficiency is all about.
Although simple to understand, it is challenging to implement. Most plant owners probably only know the total cost of energy used. Exactly how and where the energy is being used, remains in the realm of an educated guess. In a competitive landscape, this is unacceptable. To reduce energy cost, CENDID replaces the guesswork with precise answers.


Thorough diagnosis

In order to answer these questions, CENDID energy management consultancy starts with a thorough one-day energy workshop with the site's engineering and management team.  The diagnosis by our experienced energy consultants identifies the improvement potential, the strengths and weaknesses in terms of energy management and a realistic target for the future.

CENDID also identifies if the right management strategies or policies are in place. For example, does the maintenance plan include regular inspections to keep equipment in optimum design efficiency? Does the procurement department have a holistic view in the cost-of-ownership, which is over and above the initial investment? Typically, the ISO 50001 is used as a basis but CENDID tailors it to the specific needs and circumstances – often going beyond its requirements. After the implementation of the recommendations, your site is well prepared for an ISO 50001 certification.

Detailed recommendations

After the initial one-day review, CENDID consulting team begins a full-scale energy review that analyses both utility and production processes. The result of this review is a comprehensive list of graded energy efficiency measures that will reduce energy consumption and costs for the site.


Plan & Design - Cendid concepts save you energy costs

Having identified the energy efficiency measures and changes needed in the management process, the next step is to develop and engineer the energy saving processes measures within your plant.


CENDID engineers have extensive experience in designing and planning a whole range of energy efficiency measures. From large-scale biomass-trigeneration plants to energy efficient clean rooms, to photovoltaic panels on top of a warehouse - CENDID has done it all.

Helping you select the right solution

Choosing which energy saving technology to implement is a big task in itself.  There are literally thousands of energy saving devices in the market. CENDID is not affiliated to any hardware manufacturers or energy suppliers. Our job is to design the most suitable and most cost-effective solutions for our clients.  


Treat & Preserve - Cendid has the commitment and skills to built any solution

As proud creators of energy saving solutions, Project Realisation is what CENDID engineers live for.


Whether it's a straightforward implementation or a complex and time consuming project, CENDID is able to offer full-time project management and on-site construction supervision through our experienced engineers. We promise to complete your projects according to the specifications, on-time, and with the defined output.

CENDID Service Department even takes care of the maintenance of the service throughout the whole system lifecycle.