Energy Contracting

Energy Contracting - CENDID energy plans saves you energy without capital investment

"We will leave a steam engine free of charge to you. We will install these and will take over for five years the customer service. We guarantee you that the coal for the machine costs less, than you must spend at present at fodder on the horses, which do the same work. And everything that we require of you, is that you give us a third of the money, which you save."
[James Watt, 1736-1819]

The idea of energy contracting is almost as old as industry itself. A properly designed and executed energy contracting system offers a win-win situation for all parties. Plant owners save on resources and time, while service providers ensure that feasible energy efficiency projects are being realized.

The CENDID way

Helping you save without heavy investment outlay

CENDID is proud to be a highly successful Energy Contracting solution provider across many industries and countries. There are no hefty investment costs for our clients. We design, install, and finance the energy efficiency measures at our cost and guarantees the savings predicted. All we ask is a fixed portion of the savings achieved. This win-win situation is benefiting industries all over the world – everyday.

Two flavours of Energy Contracting

Energy Performance Contracting (EPC)

EPC guarantees future savings in energy demand from CENDID financed engineered plant improvements of any kind. There are no investment costs – everything from the audit to feasibility studies, the design engineering, the financing, the commissioning, and the savings monitoring and verification - are all paid for. Customers only pay on the savings they achieve. From small projects such as retrofit of variable speed drives to large-scale projects such as boiler replacements, CENDID has the expertise and competencies to realize them on a performance-based basis.

Energy Supply Contracting (ESC)

ESC is the efficient supply of useful energy to the plant. Products such as heat, chilling, compressed air or electricity are provided. CENDID conducts the design engineering, the financing, the commissioning, and the subsequent operation and maintenance of the system. The net cost to your plant is the utility value (i.e. USD per volume items of heat, chilling, electricity, etc).
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