Co/Tri Generation solution

Co/Tri Generation solution - CENDID helps you consolidate power generation and save energy

The high cost of enery supply

Why pay an inefficient and expensive electricity supplier when you can maximise energy output and minimise cost with a co-generation strategy. CENDID co-generation plans save money by tapping on the heat and steam produced in electricity production as important energy sources.

Consider investing in co-generation or tri-generation if you suffer from:

  • high energy prices
  • dependence on a unreliable energy supplier
  • high green house gas emissions that is damaging the company's sustainability index.
  • high power generation operation costs due to low efficiency

In fact, many countries offer rebates and subsidies for co-generation plants.

CENDID Energy Saving Solutions

Your production sites require energy for production, heating and cooling.

The following schematics represent CENDID's vision of a high efficient co or tri generation system. (the existing system left; the optimized at the right)


The CENDID way

The CENDID optimisation process begins with a detailed analysis of energy generation, distribution and losses. After the potential areas are identified, CENDID begins the detailed engineering of the system solution. This includes -

  • Initial planning
  • Design planning
  • Approval planning
  • Execution planning/ Functional planning
  • Preparation of functional award
  • Participation of the award
  • Object/ Construction supervision
  • Documentation


For more information please download our information flyer on Co/Tri Generation solutions.