CENDID's Management

Cendid Management

Tino Daniel Puce - Head of CENDID Germany

Beneath Tino’s affable smile and lanky frame, lies a remarkable mind and an adventurous soul. He holds both a Diploma in engineering and a MBA (Dipl.-Kfm.) from the University of Erlangen-Nürnberg – and famously rode his 600cc motorbike from Germany to Damascus on a whim. These qualities secured Tino’s success in his early engineering career in Singapore and Germany, but it also made him determined to be an entrepreneur. He started CENDID in 2007. As the Managing Director of Cendid Energy Solutions, Tino helped transform the nascent outfit into a recognised international player, renowned for its creative solutions . Tino credits his success thus far to his love of ‘hands-on’ engineering. Whether it is putting the final touches to a multi-million dollar tri-generation plant or stripping down the engine of his twin-cylinder motorbike, Tino could always call on his intellect and humility to see any project through.

Contact: info@cendid.com


Cendid Management

Christian Rahnsch - Head of CENDID Singapore

Christian Rahnsch is the Managing Director of CENDID Energy Solutions Singapore and has been working and living in SE ASIA for over ten years.

Christian is passionate about making a difference in this world and helping others to improve their own situations. This credo led Christian into his first consulting role 15 years back. Since then Christian has held various leadership positions in the consulting and finance industry and has worked internationally with numerous Fortune 500 companies.  He has had great success in fostering change within complex global organisations and delivering cost reduction and operational improvement programs across multiple industries.  Christian holds a Bachelor of Business Management from the University of Applied Sciences Cologne, Germany, a Master of Science in Business Administration from the Business School at Nanyang Technological University, Singapore and is a certified Six Sigma Black Belt. Christian is the Managing Director of CENDID Singapore and has been working and living in SE ASIA for the last eight years. Besides the passion for his work he puts in a lot of energy for charitable courses, which sometimes sees him in the middle of a slum in Manila, building schools and homes for a local orphanage.

Contact: singapore@cendid.com


Tim Buxton - Head of CENDID UK

Tim has a Degree in Mechanical Engineer and is an ESOS Lead Auditor. He is a highly experienced manager delivering process improvement and cost reduction with SMEs and Global Multi-Nationals.

He moved into Sustainability and Energy about 15 years ago and has since helped save many millions in cost and reduced carbon emissions across different cultures and organisations. Tim believes the key to this has been providing technical support as well as helping to build simple effective systems; to help managers and technicians inspire and engage the whole organisation about energy reduction and sustainability. 

In addition to that, he also has experience in safety and risk management.

Tim lives and works on the South Coast of the UK near to the New Forest national park.

Contact: uk@cendid.com