General Energy Situation

The semiconductor industry requires large amounts of electricity to operate the manufacturing process equipment and maintain the cleanroom conditions. As such, it is vital to identify strategies to monitor and reduce power consumption.


  • Cyclical product demand
  • Rising cost of R&D
  • High cost of investment in upgrading fabrication plants
  • High cost of building new plants

Cendid offers unique solutions for the Semiconductor industry

CENDID understands the Semiconductor industry and recognises its particular needs. Opportunities for increased energy efficiency and conservation can be enjoyed from sharing of best practices, and by investing in infrastructure retrofits and new equipment. Much energy can be saved, simply by varying the level of energy used by manufacturing tools and improving energy efficiency of older equipment. And by strategic collaboration with industry peers and equipment suppliers, broader and long-lasting energy efficiency achievements are possible.

 As a part of an energy assessment project conducted for a plant located in Asia, several energy efficiency measures were recommended. The most significant of which was the optimization of the clean room HVAC. More than 500,000 EUR of savings a year were achieved, with a payback period of less than one year.

 CENDID provides integral energy management and efficiency solutions tailored to the specific needs of the semiconductor industry through its many technical and managerial solutions.