ESOS - The Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme for the UK

ESOS - What is it?

It stands for Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme. It’s been established by the UK government through the Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) in response to the requirement for all member states of the European Union to implement Article 8 of the Energy Efficiency Directive. In doing this the UK appears to be in the vanguard of member states acting on this EU community legislation.

The scheme is estimated to bring £1.6bn net benefits to the UK, the majority to businesses as a result of energy savings.


What is an Approved ESOS audit?

This is an energy audit carried out by competent persons with a report signed off by an ESOS approved lead auditor. The competent persons can be ESOS approved ‘Lead Auditors’ or people from within your organisation whose audit plan, report and conclusions is overseen by an ESOS Lead Auditor. The number of site audits you will require in addition to your main audit submission will be agreed with your ESOS lead auditor.


What should the reports contain?

Your ESOS lead auditor will guide you. Additionally there is some guidance on the DECC website. The most important element is that the audits assesses at least 12 months continuous data and provides a graded list of costed recommendations the site or organisation could take to reduce energy consumption. 


What will it Cost?

At CENDID UK we offer a basic fixed price ESOS submission audit for £3,000  plus £2,000*  for any additionally required site audits.   


* For more information, please have a look into our ESOS information flyer.



We are a specialist energy consultants based in Germany but with offices in Singapore and the UK. We are small company who take pride in the close relationship we form with our clients moving far beyond the audit stage. We are not tied to any supplier or manufacturer so you can be sure what we recommend is the best for you.

We are experts in ESOS and the EED and would be very happy to advise you in any way we can.

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