General Energy Situation

Food and beverage processing plants use large amounts of energy for refrigeration, cooking, heating, sterilising, conveyors, and auxiliary equipment. Significant energy savings can be achieved...

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Detect & Develop

Less input for the same output – that is what energy efficiency is all about.Although simple to understand, it is challenging to implement. Exactly how and where the energy is being used, remains in the realm of...

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CENDID UK announce £3900 fixed price ESOS audit

To help UK companies meet the ESOS legislation CENDID UK have launched a high value fixed price ESOS audit.


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Our Promises

Creative, Committed, Independent

Our Philosophy

The CENDID culture combines creative engineering, and Germanic attention to quality. It requires the reassessment of conventional wisdom in energy saving techniques and demands a high level of commitment from CENDID engineers.

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Joining our Team

Creative. Enthusiastic. Open-minded. These are the qualities we look for in our colleagues. With your help, we will continue to outpace our competitors, break new ground and set new standards for progress in societies worldwide.

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